Tongta Manufacture Enterprise was established in 1988. It is the leading supplier and manufacturer of various ceiling fans, lighting, switch panels and parts. It produces custom-made lighting parts, ceiling fan accessories, switch panels, doorbell panels, PU products, and supplies for customer product replacements. We are a long-term supplier of well-known American brands in manufacturing consumables, including ceiling fan accessories, lighting fixture accessories, lighting hardware, and switch plate. We have a large number of molds for customers to choose from. Let Tongta Manufacture Enterprise be your manufacturer of Lighting Hardware and Lighting Fixture Parts and Ceiling Fan Accessories parts 


All of our product lines are designed to simplify coordination with standards, and are committed to providing quality services, quality products and building long-term customer relationships. All lighting hardware accessories are designed to meet current US standards and throughout the production are required detailed inspections.

Customized Service

We provide customized services for lighting parts and ceiling fan accessories, and provide you with the designs and ideas you need. Our goal is to fulfill your promise to increase satisfaction to the best when you expect the material or function of the concept. The customized services of Tongta Manufacture Enterprise provide you with unlimited requirements, which can be based on your preferences. Upon your needs, explore various designs and concepts.

Quality Beyond Your Expectation

Goal of Tongta Manufacture Enterprise is to create the greatest value with the least resources. From the conceptual design of parts, the development of designs, and the materials to the installation, they are carefully considered to ensure that to meet your needs. We have been supplying well-known American brands for more than 30 years, and will be providing a variety of lighting hardware and light fixture parts solutions to you.